2019 CARLA Day

On August 2, 2019, Linda Capito (Ohio State University) and Hatem Darweesh (Nagoya University) jointly organized a half day workshop on the CARLA (traffic simulation tool) and Autoware (autonomous driving open source). You can enjoy the video recordings of the workshop. Copyrights of all presentation materials are owned by Nagoya University, Ohio State University, Brain IV ltd.

Copy of Intro_to_CARLA_autoware_bridge_hatem.mp4
Copy of CARLA simulator_and_autoware_bridge_hatem.pdf
Copy of Creating_Simulation_Environmet_for_CARLA_Linda.mp4
Copy of CarlaDay_EnvironmentCreation_linda.pdf
Copy of CARLA_challenge_2019_using_autoware_Shunya_Seiya.mp4
Copy of CARLA_challenge_Seiya.pdf